Quiche Lorraine

This is our favourite quiche to eat – perfect with a side salad and new season potatoes! Whilst you may think it is typically French, the origins may actually be German as “Lothringen”, today Lorraine (in the east of France), was a medieval kingdom of Germany… and the word quiche derived from the Germanic word ….

Say Fromage !

They say there there is a different cheese in France for every day of the year – well, not sure how true that is, but there are certainly many to choose from!   In Mazamet we are fortunate to have a wonderful “cremerie” that has a selection of more than 40 cheese from well known ….

Making the most of your journey to Mazamet

With stunning and varied scenery, even over a short distance, why not make your journey to Mazamet from the airport or your previous accommodation, a part of your holiday?   New for 2018, we have written a series of 6 scenic routes to Mazamet from the most popular regions (Provence, Bordeaux & the Dordogne) as ….

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