Oeufs en Cocotte

These tasty little French dishes make a great starter for a dinner party. Ingredients (for 4) 4 large free-range eggs 50 grams of grated Gruyere 4 firm white mushrooms 100 grams of lardons or pancetta 8 tablespoons of creme fraiche Fresh chives Sea Salt & Black Pepper Good pinch of nutmeg   Ahead of time, ….

The New Regions of France

Do you know the new “Regions” of France? Although the map of France changed in 2016, many are still unfamiliar with the new “super” Regions and their names which have, in some parts, caused a heated debate. Administratively, France is divided into Regions (which hold major administrative and some devolved power as well as economic ….

Scrumptious Scones

Passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me – this is a wonderful recipe for scones from Cornwall.   Ingredients (makes approximately 12)  The following are the ingredients for plain scones to which you may vary (as indicated below) for fruit or savoury varities. 450 grams of plain flour 2 teaspoons of cream ….

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