A one-day French cookery course, on the banks of the Canal du Midi, near Carcassonne.

Cooking by the Canal du Midi

Picture the scene. A converted French farmhouse by the banks of the Canal du Midi, joining fellow foodie enthusiasts with a trained chef, learning how to cook a three-course French meal……then sitting down with a glass (or three) of wine by the peaceful waters to enjoy what you have created. Welcome to Cooking by the Canal du Midi!

Heather, from the UK and husband David, from Australia, moved to France in 2014. Finding a perfect spot, they converted a derelict property on a former 13th century olive & almond farm called Millepetit. The renovations included the creation of a purpose-built kitchen for cooking classes, which have welcomed over 1,000 ‘chefs’ from around the globe in the past five years.

With an abundance of local produce, from fruit & vegetables to olive oil, and being located in the heart of some of the Languedoc’s best vineyards, Cooking by the Canal du Midi is the perfect spot to learn how to create some classic French dishes, in a relaxed & fun environment.

Cooking by the Canal du Midi

The classes, with a maximum of 8, allow you to gain some hands-on skills using the freshest, local & season produce. You’ll be chopping, dicing, whisking & whipping…. before sitting down with canapés and a glass of wine, under the shade of the plane trees, ahead of lunch with your fellow chefs.

Cooking by the Canal du Midi

Further Information & Pricing

Millepetit is located just under an hour from Mazamet so guests can leave after breakfast, at 8.30am, to join the class at 9.45am – where Heather & David welcome you with a coffee before a tour of the domaine.

The “Classic French Cooking Class” is priced at 110€ with the companions lunch 40€. Guests at La Villa receive an exclusive 5% discount on your course in 2019. We will take care of your reservation, pay your deposit in advance of your stay, and provide you with directions of how to reach Millepetit.

If you are arriving with us by train or bike (or if you prefer to enjoy another glass of wine) – we can even arrange return transport with a car & driver!

Visit Cooking by the Canal du Midi website for further details or email us to arrange your place on the day’s cooking course ahead of your arrival.

Cooking by the Canal du Midi

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