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With many people concerned about the potential outcome of BREXIT on the exchange rate between the £ and the € we have some good news !

For any guest staying at La Villa in 2019*, we will guarantee a rate of 1.14€ to £1 (the inter-bank rate as of December 1st 2018). So, when you come to pay your final bill on check out, if the exchange rate has fallen below this rate, we will adjust your bill to reflect this better rate for you.

And don’t forget – this is the FULL inter-bank rate which is also considerably better than the tourist rate you would receive when spending on your card overseas or changing money at a Bureau de Change.

For further details or any questions, please email

*for any reservation made before January 31st 2019 for the period April 19th – October 31st 2019. To take advantage of this offer you must add “Euro Offer” in the comments box when booking on our website.

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