Here at La Villa, we take our impact on the environment seriously – come take a peek at what we and our guests are doing.

  • For the last four years, we have provided only refillable glass water bottles in our bedrooms – not only that, with the water supplied locally from the surrounding mountains, every cold tap at La Villa provides drinkable water too
  • From the start or our 2019 season, we will not be using plastic straws (the only reason we are in 2018 is to use existing stock); furthermore, we will be replacing all of the individual bathroom amenities with the same high quality Gilchrist & Soames products, however in refillable pump dispensers.
  • In 2018 we invested nearly 4,000€ in new washing machines & dryers which have the highest possible energy saving ratings.
  • We collect rain water off our main roof and the gazebo with storage for upwards of 2,000 litres which we aim to increase to 4,000 litres in 2019.
  • By having towel radiators in all of our ensuite bathrooms, this helps reduce the volume of towels washed daily and therefore energy, water & laundry product usage
  • Our swimming pool is heated by the sun and uses a saline electrolysis system – one of the most environmentally sound systems available
  • We implement a stringent recycling policy for all waste generated by us and our guests, segregating waste for collection once a week curbside as well as glass which we take to our nearest recycling point. Garden & vegetable waste from the kitchen is composited and the resulting compost used in our raised vegetable & herb beds
  • We have an active buying policy that aims to avoid all single-use plastics – be that for fruit & veg, meats or our daily shopping. We also buy from local suppliers (so few food miles) and when products are in season
  • All of our light fittings & garden lights have had their bulbs replaced with LEDs

We would be pleased to hear suggestions you may have, or other ideas you have spotted on your travels, which would help become even greener!  Email us with your comments.

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