During our very recent last delightful visit to La Villa de Mazamet in SW France, we were enjoying the delicious Rosé from Chateau de Salitis.   Our hosts introduced us this wine last year.  Mark and Peter suggested we visited the producer’s vineyard.  We were very happy to do this, especially as it is only a short drive from Mazamet to Conques sur Orbiel, near Carcassonne.

The drive is pleasant, through a quite heavily wooded area then out into more open country.  You drive past many vines in this Cabardes region.  Splendid views of the countryside throughout the drive, which only takes about 20 minutes.

Situated at the end of a long winding single-track road, this turns sharply and drops down to reveal the house, cave and of course vines spreading out into the sunshine.  Father and son, who were both charming, informative and most welcoming, met us.  We bought several variations of wine including a pale pink Grenache Gris.  We were told this should always be shared in the company of friends.

We also met Igor Stravinsky a large guard dog.  Very good at his job but docile and friendly, when off duty, as he was at the time.

This experience was such a pleasure and came about via Peter and Mark’s excellent choice of wines offered at La Villa de Mazamet.  We highly recommend the wine and the visit and shall return to the vineyard during our next stay.

Jo Elleston, Dorchester UK

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